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Stalking Monster Designs

As the focus of the game is to create and sustain tension, I've spend some time working on developing a monster that will stalk players during their playthrough. Using a basic model of the Slenderman model, he has been recoloured to full black, along with adding a particle emitter to him and 2 red point lights to his eyes. This is to provide players with a single enemy character that can be seen from a distance in the dark, but also not giving away to players the type of monster they are actively hunting.

As part of the monsters design, I have also sourced heavy footstep sounds that players will hear whilst the monster is stalking the house. The focus on building tension means that the monster will be audible by players from anywhere in the house and the audio cues will give players an idea how close the monster is by the sounds emitted from the model growing louder. This, again, should increase tension for players in the game.

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