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Game Writing and Narrative Design Samples

Here is a collection of smaller game/narrative design ideas and other examples of writing outside of games based on current trends and original ideas.

RPG Dialogue and Lyric Sample

The screenplays, character synopses for actors, and lyrics for the prototype scenes from the Titan Seal game project.

Simple Game Narrative Outline

A simplistic and short narrative outline for a simple First-Person Shooter focusing on gameplay and narrative balancing. 

Action Gameplay Sequence

A short action sequence that could be found in an action RPG with a more "swashbuckling" tone.

Character Bark Examples

A range of barks I have writen for various game projects using different styles and genres.

Game Cinematic Sample

A sample game cinematic that would fit both a stealth-action game or a first-person shooter, focusing on an interrogation between protagonists and the central antagonist.

Theatre Script & Stage Design Sample

A sample scene and associated staging design documents for an original play written while running a theatre company

Multiplayer Character Design

A character design document for a new character that could be used in an online shooter game. For inspiration I used Rainbow 6 Seige's style and layout.

Novel Writing Sample

A short extract from a novelisation of the game project Titan Seal.

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