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Narrative Consideration - characters

When exploring the landscape of games in a similar sub-genre as our game, I've noted a lack of central narrative or characters. To that end I've begun work on developing short-form narrative that is ambiguous and delivered wholy from an unseen narrator.

Using Arcweave, I have considered how to create some basic characters along with backstories for them and how this can be linked to a broader ambiguous narrative that is vague during gameplay.

The names of the characters are names that were common in the UK in the 19th century to maintain the period in which the game is set. I also have created a series character models that players can chose from to ensure that the players are able to choose an avatar that they best associate with.

The final character that will appear in the game (other than the monster) is the voice of the team's boss, Lord Sidgwick. The intention is to provide voiceover for Lord Sidgwick and to provide players some idea on the type of character he is through this dialogue.

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