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Designing the house - level design

Having settled on a name and having done some work on the map and world building, it's time to tackle the level design.

During my research for the level for the demo/prototype, I spend a lot of time looking at different townhouse floor plans for houses built in the 18th and 19th Century and one single theme permeated all of them - the ground floors had rooms with specific purposes (dining room, living room etc) whereas the 1st floor was often the location of things such as bedrooms and possible smaller studies. Basements, where they were constructed, were normally used for storage, and occasionally staff quarters.

Taking these ideas forward, and merging some of the ideas from the gothic literature I've been reading, I designed a basic floorplan for the level, the gothic inspiration comes into play with the basement.

The next step is to construct the house using Pro Builder in Unity!

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