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Rethinking the prototyping tool - Dialogue Scene

While writing the narrative for Guardians of Aether, one of the major areas I wanted to develop is diverging dialogue choices that will not impact on the story overall, but will give players a sense of ownership in how the respond to the game world.

I had initially chosen to use Stornaway as my prototyping tool and, despite it's usefullness in developing the flow diagrams that demonstrate the semi-linear narrative structure I am attempting, it is not fit for purpose in developing meaningful dialogue.

Therefore I am intending to use Inky, a narrative scripting package, to write out the dialogue choices for on of the scene's I am going to develop, in part due to it's ability to provide players with a choice of dialogue options and also due to accounts I've had that suggest this tool is often used for dialogue scenes in gaming studios.

This will be available along with the onboarding scene and potentially the unity programmed character creation scene's I have already worked on.

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