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Prototype V2 - lighting and special effects

Following some feedback on the initial prototype, I've returned to it to add a lighting and particle effects.

The lighting (shown right) is designed to direct the player to the key parts of the prototype.

The idea is to use lighting to draw player attention and to also subtly provide them with directional hints as to where they are to go.

There is still some work to be done on the inclusion of scripted dialogue to make some of this clearer to players.

The particle effects for the sequence were developed in 2 ways. The green particles that highlight the end of the sequence and transition to final scripted voice slide were done using the basic particle system in unity. The flames however were done through creating an image in Krita (image editting software) then using unity's inbuilt particle system to cause their colour to change overtime.

The final part of the effects that I wanted to include were fog effects. The original prototype made use of basic fog in unity, however feedback suggested that the lack of lighting made it difficult to navigate the area. After adding the lighting I went back and chaged the fogs density to ensure there was a feel from players that the city they are in is burning, but to also ensure they can see where they are meant to go, as suggested by the lighting.

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