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Prototype V3 - Voiceover and audio

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

To complete the prototype, I've spent some time grabbing appropriate music assets and sound effects that provide a general feel for the game as well as recording and editing voiceover sequences.

Some editing of the audio along with the sound effects was used to create the backing theme for the first person playable part of the game. I chose to use a track called The Hymn of Dalamud by Nubuo Uematsu for the song as is provides a haunting and sombre tone that couples with the sense of loss I am aiming for in the sequence.

For the menus, I recorded an arrangement of "With Hearts Alligned" by Masayoshi Soken, as I wanted the menus to have a more surreal quality, with a melodic sequence that gives a feeling of hope and positivity. The track is a piano only track so that players have time to read the text that appears on the menus themselves.

Finally in terms of the voiceover parts, I recorded some of the scripted elements for the opening scene using Audacity. Following the recording I made use of Audacity's effects to gain the desired effect.

For the Casius voiceover, the use of distortions and reverb were used, along with changing the pitch of the recording. The aim was to give players a sense of the villain wearing a heavy mask/helmet which they will see in the scene. Following the distortion, a compressor was used to really draw out the distortions, whilst keeping the audio as clean and clear as possible.

For the voices that directly address the player, I recorded the voice lines once and duplicated them twice to produce a 3 layered voice track. The original recording had a reverb and echo applied to emphasise the words to ensure clarity, whilst one of the other tracks had it's pitch lowered and the other raised. This resulted in the audio tracks for the voices seeming like many as opposed to just one.

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