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Rethinking the narrative - Narrative and Scenes

Despite deciding on using Stornaway as a prototyping tool to set out the narrative and provide a clickable way for people to go through the initial class selection areas, I've returned to the narrative to being developing this in a more focused manner.

To that end, I'm reviewing the narrative and begining to further develop this in 2 ways:

  1. Fully developing the narrative, written in the second person to simulate the narrative review players will be able to read throughout the game linked to each of the main quests (those in purple on the below image).

  2. Scene development of a couple of scenes for this project: this will be further developed later in the project if there is time. Scene development will focus on dialogue and dialogue decisions players will have to further demonstrate the Together and Apart theme through offering players different dialogue choices that will in turn result in different responses in these scenes.

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