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More world building! Ideation Part 4

With city states and a game world coming along, it's time to start delving deeper into the game worlds technicalities.

The realm has a natural resources known as Aether. An invisible energy found in the natural world that circulates the whole planet and allows most of the races to channel it, allowing them to use magic and a variety of abilities.

Aether is found in everything across the realm, however different individuals have different levels of affinity with it allowing them to naturally hold more in their being than others. These individuals are able to use their affinity to learn a variety of skills. Theses skills allow them to join guilds (groups of people that use their affinity to learn specialised skills).

With the aim of this game to be an online multiplayer game, I intend to use this part of the world building to provide players with 2 types of choices: choosing the race they play as, and choosing the class they will play the game as.

Class systems are apparent in a lot of different online multiplayer games, normally divided into Support/Healers, Tanks/Damage sponges with high defence or health, and Damage Dealers - classes that focus on dealing high damage to enemies over providing support or taking damage.

Question for later thought - should players be able to change their class later in the game?

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