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Embedding the theme in narrative and mechanics

With the focus of this project being around the ideas of together and apprt, I've finally locked in both the narrative threads and the mechanics for the project while focusing on the theme - Together and Apart


The majority of MMORPG's and general Online Multiplayer games tend to lean towards players being able to socialise occassionally, and play the game together. To allow it to stand out more in the market as a game, and thinking of the theme for a gameplay and mechanics view, I came up with a system by which players will be able to choose how they play through the instanced content (dungeons for groups) by allowing players to go solo or in a group.


The thematic exploration of the theme will be done through the narrative, mainly during the exposition cutscene and this linking to later events of the game.

The opening cutscene will have players see the empire laying seige to the town they have grown up in, and as part of the story, players may find other survivers from the starting village. I still need to decide whether I am going through with this idea or not however...

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