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Class selection and symbols

Having created a demo version of the race selection part of character creation I figured the next important aspect to complete would be the class symbols for the selection screens that players will be presented with after they have chosen a playable race.

Each of the symbols is either linked to the classes weapon (in many cases) or symbolism tied to them in that case of some of the damamge dealing classes

In terms of the classes the 2 with the blue/purple background will be the two tank classes, the greens will be healing classes and the red ones will be damage dealing classes. The colours for these are based on how other online multiplayer games tend to use these colours for similar class types.

In terms of names for the classes I wanted to give players a variety of options based on weapons and eventually skills. Each of the classes will have unique roles in combat, however based on the together and apart theme all will be able to use damage dealing abilities enabling them to progress through dungeons solo if that is there choice of play style.

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