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Titan Seal

Solo Project (Lead Designer)

Development Time: 5 Months (May 22 - Sept 22)

Roles: Narrative Design, Script and Dialogue Design, Music and Audio Design, Level Design

Titan Seal is the prototype developed in Unreal Engine 5 linked to my Body of Creative Work final project that explores how dialogue and song can be used in games to reduce the overall length of cutscenes, enabling players to be more active in gameplay through the composing of 2 original songs and through the merging of melodramatic and naturalistic forms of dialogue theory.

The game itself is designed as a narratively-driven action RPG with branching endings and interactions (detailed in the narrative document) whilst placing player choice at the centre of how players progress within the games chapters.

The buttons below provide access to varying accompanying documentation and design files, and the video to left is a supercut that demonstrates how the dialogue and songs have been used in a basic prototype to communicate and test the aims of this project.

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