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Game Writing and Narrative Design Samples

Here is a collection of smaller game/narrative design ideas and other examples of writing outside of games based on current trends and original ideas.

Action Gameplay Sequence

A short action sequence that could be found in an action RPG with a more "swashbuckling" tone.

Adven Game.png

Multiplayer Player Character Design

A character design document for a new character that could be used in an online shooter game. For inspiration I used Rainbow 6 Seige's style and layout.

Scary Robot

Bark Examples

A range of barks I have writen for a range of game projects.


Novel Writing Sample

A short extract from a novelisation of the game project Titan Seal.

Pages of Book

Game Cinematic Sample

A sample game cinematic that would fit both a stealth-action game or a first-person shooter, focusing on an interrogation between protagonists and the central antagonist.


Shooter Game Narrative Outline

A simplistic and short narrative outline for a simple First-Person Shooter focusing on gameplay and narrative balancing. 


Script Writing Samples

A sample of the original play written as founder and director of a Xpress Theatre Company

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