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Final Project 3 – Finishing the Comp (Nuke Part 2)

Following on from the Maya part of the project, it’s time to complete the comp through post-production editing of the rendered AOV’s & Arnold Renders.

Footage Colour Correction and Grading

To achieve the feel of an alien planet, I have graded and corrected the colours of the original footage to incorporate the panatone colour of the year (or as close to that as I can get) with the cloud coverage to give the sense of an atmosphere that is dissimilar to the atmosphere of Earth. This also resulted colour changes for the trees that added to the overall feel of the scene taking place on an alien planet and not earth.

Creating a 3D ST Map

Before brining the CG assets into Nuke, I have used a 35mm 3D reference image to create an ST Map to ensure that the CG Elements rendered from Maya line up and are undistorted in line with the footage using the same method for the creation of a standard ST Map – this time the aim is to ensure that all layers of the CG have the same level of lens distortion match the undistorted footage.

AOV’s and Renders

Following the 3D ST Map, all layers of the CG assets have been edited to match the footage distortion. The aim following this was to use an array of colour editing nodes along with some glow nodes and vector blur nodes to give a sense that the CG Assets are in the scene as opposed to being imposed over them

Final addition – PNG Asset

To give a final asset to the scene and further at the to minor narrative being told, I have chosen to add a PNG star ship to the scene. This final asset has had a grading, colour correction, glow, and an edge blur to bring the ship into the same levels of adjustments that have been placed on the larger edited ship. Using a Planar tracker along with 2D Corner Pin Nodes, I was also able to ensure that the PNG moved alongside the stabilise footage to ensure that it look appropriate and effective in the final comp rather than looking more like a sticker that was imposed over the top of the comp.

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